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This is the place where life happens...sometimes all at once.  We all need a soft place to land; where we can sink in to the familiar...A place to belong.  In the folds and creases of rare and chronic illness, we run from our in-congruent truths because how do you really make sense of the suffering?  At some distant day, it begins to make sense and we discover strands of wisdom, threaded with the pearls of tenacity. It begins here...

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Touch Points

Chronic Illness


Chronic Illness; It's not what you think.  



The process of grieving when still in the messy middle of life. 

Complex Trauma and Chronic Illness


Complex Trauma  from a series of ongoing stressful medical events.

Health , Wellness & Coping


Staying healthy and well as a caregiver.  Coping skills.

Do you have a story to tell?

There is something healing about being seen and witnessed.  If there is a story within you that needs to be shared about your journey with chronic illness, grief, trauma or self care contact me to be a part of our blog.